Ch Kipsigis KZ Zuka

Name:  Ch Kipsigis KZ Zuka
Call Name:  Zuka
DOB:  6 October 2009
Height:  26 1/2 inches
Weight:  40kgs
Hip Score: 4/4 = 8
Elbow Score:  0 / 0

Zuka came to us from Gerry Jane, Kipsigis RRs, in Victoria as an active 9 week old baby.  He settled in quickly and absolutely adores Greg - the feeling is mutual!!  Zuka is a powerful but gentle, easy to live with dog who easily gained his Australian Champion title.  

He combines some very nice bloodlines including our boys, Cracker and Barry so he will no doubt produce some quality puppies when the time comes.  

He is active and athletic and has a lovely round eye, classic hound head and a stunning long wide ridge which we are sure he will pass on to his progeny.

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